Large-sized reinforced concrete elements

Special bespoke constructions, according to the relevant project documentation, of rectangular or polygonal shape. 

  • Main use: water meter shafts, connecting chambers, retention tanks and hydrotechnical structures.
  • Connecting chambers are mainly used when changing the direction of the pipe or when crossing different pipe diameters. The bottom may be concrete or basalt lined.
  • Furthermore, these structures are used as collection tanks, septic tanks, cesspools, footings and other elements necessary for construction up to 65 tons. 

The elements are statically assessed in accordance with DIN 1045. Quality concrete of class min. C35/45 (e.g. C50/60).

  • The advantage of prefabricated parts is, above all, the simplification of work on the construction site and, above all, the acceleration of construction and also the reduction of costs.

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