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   The employees of the ASKONY export-import, spol.s r.o. provide your supply of welded and seamless steel tubes and pipes, steel fittings and all steel material according to all common norms and specifications. All material is examined, destructively and non-destructively tested according to the customers´ requirements.

One of our company priorities is the quality of delivered material, what is proved by ISO 9001 : 2000 SGS System Certification. That Certificate proves all rules of the managerial qualities, the quality of all material supplies, the perfect documentation of all export orders, suitable storage and express delivery.

The company ASKONY export-import,spol.s r.o. also helps to develop the tourist trade in Krompachy area, especially in winter season. The town Krompachy, where our company works, is settled very close to the ski centre Plejsy, so ASKONY built a modern guest-house in 2002 with the possibility to accommodate up to 15 people. There is also a ski rental with about 120 completes of skiing equipment (ski, but also snowboards and bob-sleigh for children). In winter season there is the opportunity to take lessons at the skiing school, which offers ski training for beginners and also for pre-intermediate skiers. The training is led by skilled trainers. Our company began to build a new relax centre, which will provide a few types of sauna, bead-type bath, tepidarium, snack bar and it will offer services especially for skiers and visitors as well as for Krompachy citizens. The centre is expected to be finished in 2004.


   The ASKONY export-import, spol.s r.o. would like to retain, build up and expand its position on the market and so it will support the economic growth in the whole Spiš region. For the company it means to keep the high level of services quality and continued try to make things better. The company aim is to innovate and improve its activities and meet the needs of its customers according to our slogan:


” Get steel tubes and pipes of all specifications and sizes from ASKONY “